A New Direction

A new opportunity has opened up and I've decided to change directions. I'm no longer developing WordPress websites independently. I've taken a full-time position. Find out what I'm up to now.


I'm Kurt Hansen, WordPress consultant, developer and founder of high FX media inc. I help business owners with their tech needs - so they can focus on what they really do best.

From the polished professional to the neighborhood Mr. Fix-It, business owners are, without a doubt, the lifeblood of any community.

And that's precisely why, here at high FX media, it's my mission to help those same businesses make just as big a splash online as they do offline.

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Recent Posts

WP Stew Free Book

Introducing The WP Stew Guide to HTML + CSS + WordPress

Sorry, my book is no longer available. I’m excited to announce that my new book is now...

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Do It Yourself WordPress Website Guide

If you like to get your hands dirty or just want to learn about WordPress, then this PDF guide is...

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Themosis MVC Framework for WordPress

I recently had the time to install Themosis which is billed as a framework for WordPress...

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WordPress Commnad Line Interface

WordPress Command Line Interface (WP-CLI) for Windows

A recent WordPress GR meetup covered using Vagrant as a development tool. Vagrant is free and when...

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Back to the future

Back to the Future!

An unexpected opportunity popped up just about one month ago. It turned out to be a great...

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Nivo lightbox

Replace ThickBox in WordPress

WordPress comes with quite a few jQuery plugins that you can use on your website. If you like doing...

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hamburger menu icon

Hamburger Menu in WordPress

Want a hamburger? Hamburger menu I mean. For your WordPress website of course. You know, the little...

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Font Awesome

Icon Fonts in WordPress

If you haven’t seen the free icons available from Font Awesome, you need to take a look. The...

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