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November 27, 2017 Kitchen

The Benefits of Kitchen Composter

Kitchen composter is a composter that used in the kitchen. The basic ides of this composter is to composting the junk in the kitchen. The main idea of this composter is comes from the Japanese method called Bokashi. This method is composting the pickles and ferments food waste and you will get a recycle waste that you can use as compost for your garden. This idea is a great idea, right? In the composter container, there will be beneficial micro-organisms that will change the food waste into composts.

Good Things about Kitchen Composter

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There are so many benefits that you will get by using this composter. First of all, you can get the composts. This compost will be so useful for you if you have a garden in your house. If you didn’t have a garden, then you can give the compost to your neighborhood or your friends that are actually have garden. You can also use the compost for your plants in the house, the plants in the vases. That’s not a bad idea, right?

Other Good Things about the Composter

The second one is that you will lighten your garbage, since your food junks have already turn to composts. By reducing the garbage, you will also save some landfills that are actually used for the garbage container. You will also not smelling anything bad from the food waste too. Well, the smell of the garbage is mostly comes from food waste, right?

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