bizFX Setup & Configuration Videos

bizFX is no longer available for download

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These videos will walk you through the process of setting up the bizFX WordPress theme. The setup process may look a little daunting at first, but it’s really not that bad. If you have problems after watching the videos, post your question on the bizFX theme support page.

The following videos assume that you have installed the theme in the normal way and that you have uploaded all of your images and icons. There is a readme.html file in the bizFX folder with all of the setup instructions.

Add Product/Service Pages

Watch this video to see what pages to add and what information to collect for the CU3ER configuration file. The video was created prior to the release of WP 3.0. Create your pages and use the new WordPress Menu option to create your menu the way you want.


Configure the CU3ER & Upload It

Watch this video to see how to configure the CU3ER (config.xml) file and upload it. This file is located in the bizFX/cu3er folder and controls the 3D slider.


Finish Page Setup

Watch this video to see how to add the custom fields to populate the home page boxes, add a thumbnail to list pages, add an image to product/service pages and add icons to the home page boxes.


Watch this video if you have a logo file with a different name or if you uploaded your logo with the Media option. If you have a logo.png file, upload it to bizFX/images. Your logo will now appear in the header. Your logo should be 300w X 95h. If you want to use your site name in the header, just delete the bizFX/images/logo.png file on your site.


Add Social Icons

Watch this video if you want to add more social media icons in the header.


Add/Organize Categories

Watch this video to see how you can add, delete or organize categories.


Watch this video to change or remove the footer links for Terms & Conditions and Privacy pages.


Change Color Scheme

Watch this video to see how to change the color scheme.